Airplane Party Kids Craft Kit

Having an airplane themed party? Not sure what to do with all those kids? Let me help you! Each child receives a bag with everything they need to build their own foam airplane.

Finished plane is approximately 4" long, 4.5" wingspan and 1" tall.

In each bag is:
The parts to make a single airplane (2-3 pieces, depending on model)
Stickers to decorate your plane
Instructions with photo

Planes come in assorted colors (red, blue, white, yellow, or black)

These planes are simple to assemble and require no cutting or glue (though you can use craft glue if you feel it needs more stability). Recommended age is 6+, however, I believe with a little help younger kids (3+) should be able to create wonderful planes!

The kit does include small pieces and is not recommended for children under 3.

$ 1.25

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