Camping Party Kids Craft Kits

Having an camping themed party? Not sure what to do with all those kids? Let me help you! Each child receives a bag with everything they need to build their own foam s'mores.

Finished s'more is approximately 2" square and 3" tall.

In each bag is:
The parts to make a marshmallows s'mores man:
1 foam graham cracker
1 foam chocolate square
2 foam marshmallows
1 carrot nose sticker
1 decorative sticker (red heart or blue star)
4 pipe cleaner pieces for stick arms
2 googly eyes
3 pom-poms for a coal smile
small container of glue (not shown)
craft stick to spread glue (not shown)

Instructions with photo

Recommended age is 8+, however, I believe with a little help younger kids (5+) should be able to create wonderful s'mores!

The kit does include small pieces and is not recommended for children under 3.


$ 1.25

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