Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Have a flurry of celebration with our snowflake theme! Perfect for any winter party, this theme embraces the magic of the season. Whether you're celebrating your little snowflake's first birthday, or you just want to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, the snowflake theme will make your party guests feel like they're walking in a winter wonderland. Speaking of, this white chocolate and vanilla bean cupcake recipe is a great winter cupcake alternative for those who don't like peppermint! Find the recipe at Lemon Sugar!

Add some festive blue and white snowflake sprinkles and one of our snowflake cupcake toppers to your cupcakes for an extra magical winter touch.

Who doesn't love hot chocolate? A fun idea is to set up a hot chocolate bar with different flavors of hot chocolate, whipped cream, and a variety of mix-ins and toppings! Keep the hot chocolate in a crock pot to keep it warm throughout the party! Find more hot chocolate bar inspiration and ideas at the Canadian Mother Resource.

Use our snowflake theme name cards to label all of the mix-ins and toppings on your hot chocolate bar!

 These snowflake shaped snowman cookies are so fun and adorable! A bag of these would make a great winter party favor! All you need is your favorite sugar cookie recipe, a snowflake cookie cutter, and icing for decorating! Check out Created by Diane for detailed instructions!

Add one of our snowflake theme favor tags to a bag of sparkly snowflake cookies or a bag of hot chocolate mix for a personalized touch!

Stay tuned for more party ideas on this theme!

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