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DIY with our Party Craft Kits!

You and your little one have finally decided on a theme, cake flavor, and guest list, and you thought that was the hard part! Now that you have all of that planned, you're faced with the task of keeping a bunch of kids entertained during the actual party. Planning activities and gathering all of the necessary supplies can be very stressful, both to you and your wallet! Our DIY craft kits come with all of the necessary supplies for each guest to make a fun, themed craft! From paint kits, to foam crafts, we've got you covered!

Our zoo animal craft kit is perfect for any zoo or safari party! Each kit comes with everything a child needs to make his or her own animal magnet. The best part? Everything is self-adhesive, meaning no messy glue!

Our cat painting craft is a fun activity for a kitten-themed party! Each kit includes a wooden cat, eight paints, and a paintbrush! You can choose the number of kits you need, so you have just the right amount for your party guests!

This airplane craft is a great way to entertain guests at an airplane-themed party. This craft kit comes with everything needed to make a foam airplane and requires no cutting or glue! There are multiple model options, all of which come with decoration instructions!

Stay tuned for more fun party ideas!

We Bring the Party specializes in handmade, themed party decorations for a wide variety of occasions. Whether you're looking for that extra little something to complete your theme, or you'd like a complete party in a box to arrive on your doorstep; we can help make your party picture-perfect. With our large assortment of themes, we can accommodate every celebration, from baby showers, to birthday parties, to graduations! You supply the guests, we'll supply the rest! For more information and to purchase party supplies, visit us at:

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