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Sweets and Treats!

Sweets and Treats!

Valentine's Day and the Candy Shoppe Theme have had visions of sugar plums (and more) dancing in our heads.   What could be more fun than a party full of sweets and treats?   This is probably one of our favorite party themes because, of course, candy, and it's just plain fun!!  

When it comes to parties, we are a huge fan of decorations.  Besides our party supplies, we found the sweetest decor to add to your table or just in and around the party area!   

All you need are just a few items to create these sweet trees:

 -White styrofoam cones, varying sizes (Dollar Store, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s)
 -Hot glue gun/hot glue
 -Assorted candy (conversation hearts, gummy hearts, and peppermint marshmallows)
 -Ribbons (for top of trees)

We found these and other inspiration at Amanda Jane Brown.   Check it out!!

We are fans of what we call "Creation Stations."   And with a Candy Themed party, the options here are endless!   How about adding a candy bar where guest can select their own toppings for cupcakes or ice cream?   Sounds delish right?!  We're sure it will be a hit too with young and old!  

When perusing around for some other fun ideas we found a craft so cute you'll just wanna eat it up!!  

What we love about this is that it's a good craft for any age!  

Just have some round candy or cereal and some yard or string and you can throw this craft out there in no time flat!   

Ideas needed for candy?   How about:  Life Savers, Fruit Loops, Cheerios, Peach Rings, Pretzel Rings

The Love Nerds made these at a party and we love them for posting!!


We could go on and on with this party theme because there are so many "sweet" ideas!   

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Let It Snow, Let it Snow!

Let It Snow, Let it Snow!

We're singing a new tune... "The weather outside is frightful, but a Snowflake Party inside's delightful!"  That's right, we are embracing the chilly weather with nothing less than a party of course.   

Besides the decor, here's some other "cool" things we've found to complete your party.   

Snowflake Popcorn Treat

Popcorn is always a crowd favorite so we found this party treat that's flaky fun!  Just click here for the full recipe.  We'd throw in some hot chocolate with snowballs (also known as marshmallows) to warm things up a bit.

Snowflake Craft

You can also send the party goers home with their very own snowflake.   Grab some glue, popsicle sticks, glitter, and whatever you want to throw in!  

We've also got some fun printables you can use for entertainment.  

Snow Maze

Snow Coloring Page

Cheers to enjoying winter in a whole new way!  You supply the guest, we'll supply the rest.  


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