Surf's Up

The weather outside is frightful, but what better way to forget the cold for a day than by throwing a beach bash? Unless you're one of those lucky people who live in a tropical paradise, the partying will be confined to the indoors, but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it!

Don't let your guests get crabby from hunger! These "crab" sandwiches are so festive and easy to make! Use croissant rolls to make a variety of sandwiches, like turkey and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly. Not only are these sandwiches adorable, but they'll satisfy even the pickiest of eaters! Find the instructions at Simply Creative Ways!

Now that your little beach-goers have had some lunch, they need dessert! These beach cupcakes can be made with your favorite cake mix and are easy to decorate! Using only a few ingredients, this cupcake design can easily be replicated by a decorating amateur! Find the step-by-step instructions at So Festive.

Our surf's up cupcake toppers are the perfect addition to your festive dessert. With a mix of sea blues, bright orange, and lime green, these toppers bring summer wherever they are, even during the winter!

Make sure you thank your party-goers as they leave the "beach." Put fun beach favors, such as sunglasses, beach balls, and bubbles, in a plastic beach bucket! How awesome is it that the bucket doubles as a favor and a functional container? Photo credit: Kara's Party Ideas.

These favor tags add a personalized touch to your party favors! Images vary and include blue sharks, orange and green surfboards, and blue and orange swim trunks!

Stay tuned for more fun party ideas!

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