Pumpkin Palooza

Nothing screams fall more than pumpkins. Whether you have a little pumpkin on the way, it's your little pumpkin's birthday, or you just want to celebrate the season, a pumpkin-themed party is perfect for any fall occasion and lends itself to lots of festive decorating! Speaking of, this pumpkin cooler is super easy to make and is as useful as it is decorative! Get the full instructions from Martha Stewart
If your party is close to Halloween, this candy corn vase is a fun, colorful centerpiece! If you'd rather go for a more general fall theme, you could substitute candy corn for un-popped corn kernels, there are endless possibilities! Photo credit to Wants & Wishes!
To make your centerpieces extra festive, add our fun pumpkin centerpiece set! Each set includes two pumpkins and one "cutest pumpkin in the patch" title. These are especially perfect for your little one's birthday party! How cute!
Of course, no party is complete without food! These Jack-O-Lantern mac and cheese cups are fun, festive, and easy to serve! Especially perfect for a kid's party, these mac and cheese cups will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters! Find full instructions from The Seasoned Mom!
Stay tuned for more party ideas!
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