Magnificent Mustache Party Time!

Mustaches are perfect for any party theme, including your little one's first birthday! It's such a fun theme that everyone gets a kick out of! These DIY mustache and beard printables make the perfect photo booth props for your guests! There are guaranteed to be some great (and embarrassing) pictures! Check out Meaningful Mama for full instructions!

These mustache-shaped sandwiches are adorable and the perfect party snack! All you need is a mustache-shaped cookie cutter, bread, Nutella, and cookie butter. How tasty do those sound? Find full instructions at Homemaker Chic!Every good party has fun games! Instead of the classic pin the tail on the donkey, try pin the mustache on the baby! Check out I am Momma Hear Me Roar for full instructions! Instead of a drawing, you could also use a blown-up picture of the guest of honor!


Stay tuned for more fun party ideas!

"You supply the guest, we supply the rest."