Indoor Party Fun!

Unless you live in a tropical paradise, you probably won't be hosting your child's winter birthday celebration outdoors! But just because you're stuck indoors doesn't mean you won't have fun! These activities and games are perfect for any indoor party!

 Your party guests will love making their own snack necklaces! Put out pre-cut pieces of string and bowls of snacks with holes, and let the kids go to town! Put on a movie after everyone makes their necklaces, as they double as an awesome movie snack! Check out DIY Mama for instructions and hole-y snack ideas!

This balloon tennis game is perfect for a more energetic party crowd! Find a semi-open space, let the kids team up and have at it! The best part is the "racquets" are made from paper plates and the "ball" is a balloon, so you don't have to put every breakable item in your home away! Find the step-by-step directions at the Kids Craft Room

Our DIY craft kits also make awesome activities for indoor parties! We have a variety of kits, perfect for any theme! Each kit comes with everything a guest needs to make a fun, themed craft! You can order any number of kits, ensuring you have just the right amount!

Does the thought of a bunch of blindfolded kids swinging a baseball bat around your house make you cringe? Us too! Not only is this DIY punch piñata a safer alternative, both for everyone attending and your favorite lamp, but it's cheaper too! Find the directions from Made With Happy!

Stay tuned for more festive ideas!

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