In Your Element

Is it almost your little Einstein's birthday? A science party is a great way to embrace your child's love for science! You can also sneak in a few educational activities! This build your own molecule project is fun, tasty, and educational! Guests can choose from a variety of molecules and then create them with candy and toothpicks! Find instructions and free printables from One Project Closer!

These "beaker" cups are not only useful, but decorative as well! Put several on the food table and serve up "toxic juice," aka, a fun-colored beverage like Kool-Aid, in a large pitcher that looks like a beaker! Check out The Princess & The Frog for complete instructions!

Our science confetti, which features purple atoms, and grey, green, and orange beakers, is the perfect finishing touch to the buffet table! The beaker cups surrounded by our science confetti makes for a picture perfect table!

If you're looking for an alternative to cake, an ice cream sundae bar is a great dessert option! To fit the theme, serve the ice cream in beakers, which you can find on Amazon. If you're feeling ambitious (and have the freezer room), you can scoop the ice cream into the beakers the night before the party, leaving less to do the day of! Check out Left Brain Craft Brain for directions!

Stay tuned for more party ideas!

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