Fun in the Sun

With such beautiful weather, it makes sense to bring the party outside! In addition to enjoying the sunshine, there is a lot more space for activities outdoors and you can get a little messy! These outdoor activities are perfect for your kid's next party!

Put a unique "twist" on a classic party game with this outdoor version of Twister! Use a water-based spray paint for easy clean up once the party is over. Find the step-by-step directions and other helpful tips at Momma Told Me

Planning and coordinating activities is usually one of the hardest parts of party planning. This color scavenger hunt is a fun activity that is easy to plan and coordinate! Use a different combination of colors for each bag to make it more interesting! Find the instructions at I Heart Crafty Things!

Crafts always make great party activities, but who wants to deal with the mess indoors? Kids will absolutely love this easy to make sidewalk paint, and you don't have to worry about the paint getting all over your house! The cool part about this paint is that when it dries it looks like chalk! Check out Living Well Mom for the directions!

The fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down! This glow-in-the dark bowling activity is a great way to enjoy a summer night! It's super easy to set up and is entertaining for kids of all ages! Just warning, it's a little more challenging than it looks! Find the step-by-step instructions at Mommy Mums!

Stay tuned for more fun ideas!

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