A Doggone Good Time

Nothing screams cute like a puppy party, just think about all the adorable puppy-themed decorations! Let your guests know where the party is by lining your walkway or driveway with colorful chalk paw prints! Another idea, weather permitting, is to have each party guest create their own chalk paw print! Photo credit to Woo Home.

Get your guests into puppy party mode with these DIY felt puppy ears! Make a pair of ears for each guest and let them choose a pair upon arrival! Or, older children can make their own pair as a party activity. Bonus: these DIY puppy ears make a great photo prop! Check out Martha Stewart for full instructions and Dalmatian, Doberman, and Basset Hound ear templates!

A unique serving idea is to use large (new) dog bowls to serve chips and other appetizers! You can likely find bowls that match your party colors, as there is a wide variety of options at pet stores, Target, and more! If you have a dog, you can keep the bowls as back ups or for traveling. Find more puppy party food and serving ideas at Rub Some Dirt On It!

In our previous puppy party blog post, which you can find here, we mentioned the idea of doing an "adoption station" with plush puppies as an idea for party favors. If you decide to go that route, have your guests design collars out of ribbon and letter beads for their new stuffed friend! Unless the kids are older, it's recommended that an adult put the collar together since hot glue is used. Find the full instructions at The Spare Time Continuum

Stay tuned for more party ideas!

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