A Dino-mite Party!

Choosing a party theme isn't always easy! As my kids have grown, I've come to realize that I get less and less say in things. First, it was with their Halloween costumes, and then their clothes, so I know my days of adorable birthday parties will soon be gone! After months of discussion, my son decided he wanted either a Lego party or a dinosaur one! He tried to convince me to merge the two themes but I held firm that it couldn't be done. At last, we had a theme. . .dinosaurs!
The next step after finally deciding on a theme: sending the invitations! This is likely our last "just family" party, so I went for quick and easy online invites, sending them via e-mail and Facebook! You can download the background here, then just add text!
Now, it was time to decide on the cake. I do not cook. Well, I cook sometimes, but only because my family insists on eating all of the time, it's not my strong suit! So, my initial plan was a bakery cake, but my six year old and I couldn't find one we agreed on. My next plan was to order cupcakes and put toppers on those (you all know how I love my toppers)! Then, I came across this little gem from Sprinkle Bakes!
I actually already had the sand molds, so that part was easy! The only problem is that my son, Hudson, prefers vanilla over chocolate, so we decided our dinosaur skeleton would be found in sand instead of dirt! Here's our adjusted recipe:
2 boxes of cake mix (white, prepared per package instructions)
2.5 tubs of prepared vanilla frosting
1 package golden Oreos, finely crushed in the food processors
1.5 lbs white chocolate
Quick and dirty instructions:
1. Mix, bake, cool, and frost the cake (frost all the way to the edges, you don't want to lose any sand!)
2. Melt the chocolate (slow and steadily, don't ask how I know this). Put in the molds and freeze
3. Crush the cookies, spread most of the "sand" around, and place the dinosaur mold on top, then sprinkle with a little extra sand.
I made the cake the day before and covered it tightly with plastic wrap and foil. It spent the night on the counter and was delicious for the party (and a few days beyond)!
So that leaves the menu, everything was dinosaur-style, of course! We had Pterodactyl wings (chicken wings), Brontosaurus burgers, omnivorous pasta salad, Stegosaurus spikes (watermelon wedges), Dino bones (regular and white chocolate covered pretzels), Dinosaur Claws (Cheetos and Fritos), and Herbivore Haven (a veggie tray)!
I also created some Dino-themed freebies! Pictured below is the Dinosaur Maze, but there are also dinosaur coloring pages and a dot to dot! Image credits to Little Red's Clip Art
The party was a great success, everyone had a dino-mite time!
"You supply the guest, we supply the rest."
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