How it all began

I thought I might tell you a little bit about how my obsession (as some might call it) with planning kids parties began.  I was planning my oldest son’s first birthday party and was trying to find a good theme.  Trying to find something he loved was a little tricky as he was only a baby, it’s not like he could tell me what kind of cake he wanted!  Eventually I came across something like these:

Photo from Pinterest

And a theme was born!  Ducks were perfect, he loved bath time and could say “duck” and “quack”….we were on our way!  Now to make it happen.  I set to work finding those adorable rubber ducks to put on the bubble cupcakes…..this was no small feat.  Sure you can find rubber ducks just about anywhere, but I couldn’t justify paying $4.00 per duck.  I spent hours trying to hunt down the perfect ducks, lots of phone calls, some internet searches, etc (I’m sure my boss would have been thrilled to know how hard I was working during that time).  Finally I settled on rubber duck candles…..they would work.  And they did!  Then came the invitations, the smash cake, the food and punch….everything was just ducky! :D

While I worked diligently to pull off an awesome party (let’s be honest, it wasn’t for my son, he couldn’t care less, it was for me) I realized how much I actually LOVED all the planning.  My friends thought I was nuts, party planning is stressful, and the tiny little details I obsessed about wouldn’t be noticed by anyone, anyhow.  That’s when I knew, when I “grew up” I wanted to plan kids parties.  I wanted to take care of all the details so busy moms wouldn’t have to and could just have a wonderfully themed party, without going broke.  My plans and goals have changed over the years (the little boy with the rubber duck party turned 14 this summer), but it’s been a dream for a long time.  So here I am, turning dreams into reality, one step at a time.