Ahoy! Party Ahead...

Everybody loves a baby.  And the showers for babies can be equally fun.   I found some adorable decorating ideas for the Nautical Party that are too cute not share.   

I love parties but with kids I don't have a ton of time to devote to hours of party prep.   So I stick to things that while super cute, they are super easy!

Shower books are great but many times they get placed in a closet and not looked at again.  Creating a piece that can be hung in your baby's room with sweet messages is so much better!   I love this idea and have seen ones with boat ores or anchors as well.

(Photo credit to Cutesy Crafts)

 You know what goes well with a Nautical theme?  Rope.  Grab some twine and wrap cans, mason jars and more!  Glue needed as well.  

(Photo credit to Bungalow Blue Interiors)

Seashells and nets are also a super cute addition to a Nautical Party and they are easy to buy or find!   

Check back with us for more party ideas!

You supply the guest, we supply the rest!