Please Feed the Animals

Ok, when I started noodling around for party food for this theme I had no idea how much fun it would be!   There are tons of party ideas (thanks Pinterest gods) out there but for me, this below would be how I'd create a swinging from the trees good time!

Nothing could be easier than this first party food!   If your kids are anything like mine (er... me), these are going to be a hit.   You can jazz them up by placing them on a stick if you want, or just leave them on a tray.

 Now for the little monkeys in your group.   I guess I could suggest Banana Twins (oh Little Debbie we love you), but you probably need a little more interest on your table.   So you could either put out some banana chips or fresh bananas cup in half.

Another cute idea??   Ok, we like the Cheetos for Cheetahs too.  I'd call these "Cheetah Tails" maybe or something equally clever.


For even more fun add some peanuts for the elephants and maybe a jungle themed punch.

You can have a lot of fun with this roaring theme.