Jungle Babies

Just in time for the release of "Jungle Book" I have a new theme that is sure to delight your little tiger!   First of all, baby animals are seriously the most adorable creatures (beside baby humans of course)!   So, born from pure adorability is the Baby Zoo Party theme.  

 I love the photo banner for a couple reasons!   First, it's just plain fun to look at photos of your little tiger's first 12 months of life.  And second, it's a great conversation piece at the party.   

To add some additional "jungle" fun to the party, the mini banner can be used and hang just about anywhere.  You can add this piece to the table, the highchair, or wall just to name a few.

 Ok, I can't forget the newest item we've added to our party collection-DIY printed party tags.  They're an inexpensive way to keep the party (theme) going without spending too much.   

By the way, this party's not even close to being over.  Check back for more party ideas for Zoo Babies!

"You supply the guest, we supply the rest!"