Party by the Camp Fire

Now that you have the theme picked for your party, the real fun begins!  Of course all of the themes are terrific, but camping... you've got nature to keep everyone entertained.  Easy, peasy, yes please.

In case your looking for a few activities to go along with the "Camp" party, we've got a few for you.  

These little kits are s'more fun than you can imagine and so dang cute!  Hand out and watch the fun begin.


You can tailor this one based on the age of your little campers.  Add or subtract items as needed.   Scavenger Hunt-I love the idea of bags for this so the kids can put their "finds" inside!


 Another camptastic idea for your party goers is building their own binoculars.  This once calls for rope but you could sub rubber bands to hold the "binoculars" together and then string or yarn to tie them.  

 There is so much fun to be had enjoying and exploring the outdoors!  For more party themes and ideas check back.

"You supply the guests, we supply the rest."